How to Enjoy An All-Day eBike Cruise

How to Enjoy An All-Day eBike Cruise


  • To prepare your eBike for a long journey, you should fully charge the battery, check your brakes and screws, and make sure your tires have the right amount of pressure.
  • Essential safety precautions include carrying a multi-tool, a first aid kit, a portable battery pack, and GPS unit—as well as informing someone about your route and estimated return time.
  • Consider enhancing your eBike ride with accessories like a phone holder, water bottle mount, comfortable saddle, and a sturdy pannier or rack for carrying essentials.
  • Planning your route is vital for a smooth ride, so think about using resources and apps like Google Maps, Strava, Ride With GPS, and Komoot. Also remember to consider your eBike's range and pack extra necessities such as water, tire pump, repair kit, and a camera.

Remember the glory days of cruising down open roads, the wind ruffling your hair as your classic Harley or Triumph roared beneath you? We might not be able to turn back time, but here at Michael Blast, we do our best to recreate those thrilling moments with high-quality vintage eBikes that blend retro style with modern technology. That being the case, we know a thing or two about how to get the most enjoyment possible from a day of riding—and we’re here to share our tips with you!

Whether you're a classic motorcycle enthusiast longing for a way to relive your most adrenaline-pumping rides, or a young soul with a soft spot for the past, a full day of eBiking is just what Dr. Feelgood ordered. Let's take a trip down memory lane together—but before we embark, here's your guide to prepare for the journey.

Person on Michael Blast eBike looking at mountains

Why eBikes Are Ideal for Longer Rides

eBikes let you evoke the joys of cruising down the open road while offering the versatility and eco-friendliness of a traditional bicycle. Just a few of the features that make them incredible long-distance companions include:

  • Pedal-assist and throttle modes, which make tackling long distances a breeze.
  • Enough power to conquer steep hills and challenging terrains while minimizing fatigue.
  • Long-range batteries that ensure you don't have to worry about running out of steam halfway through your journey

Not to mention, cruising on a Michael Blast eBike brings a sense of vintage charm to your adventure.

Preparing Your Bike

Before you hit the road, give your eBike a quick check-up. Make sure to follow these steps:

  • Charge your battery fully to ensure maximum range.
  • Look over your brakes—your safety relies on them, so they should be in top shape.
  • Ensure all screws are tightened appropriately; loose screws could lead to rattling parts or worse.
  • Lastly, check your tire pressure. Adequate pressure provides a smoother ride and improves your bike's performance.

Safety Precautions For Your Ride

Safety should never take the back seat. Here are a few things you should consider taking to avoid getting lost or hurt:

  • A multi-tool for on-the-spot adjustments.
  • A basic first aid kit to dress any bumps and bruises you might pick up in an accidental dismount (including bandages, antiseptic, tweezers, and gauze).
  • A portable battery pack. While eBikes have impressive ranges, it's always better to be prepared for unexpected energy needs.
  • A portable GPS unit if you’re going way off grid (if you’re not, your fully-charged phone should do). In the event of an unexpected situation, help needs to be able to find you quickly.

Additionally, it’s always best to let someone know your planned route and estimated time of return. That way, your loved ones will be more likely to start searching for you quickly if you’re in trouble and need help.

Michael Blast eBike with water bottle mount

Helpful eBike Accessories

We recommend enhancing your eBike cruise with a few key accessories. Try these:

  • A phone holder will keep your device secure, providing easy access to GPS or your favorite tunes.
  • A water bottle mount will ensure hydration is always within arm's reach.
  • Make sure your eBike has a comfortable saddle—long rides demand optimal comfort. The bikes in the Michael Blast lineup feature Velo Extra Wide Saddles and other features designed to keep your rides smooth and reduce rider fatigue.
  • A sturdy pannier or rack can also be invaluable for carrying essentials like snacks, extra clothing, or your camera gear. You can find these for our eBikes by browsing our parts and accessories.

Well kept Michael Blast eBike in a grass field

Planning Your Route

Mapping out your route in advance is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable eBike cruise. Not only does it allow you to tell others where you’re going, but it helps you know what to expect on your trip as well.

Here are some steps to help you plot your course:

Use Online Resources and Apps

There are numerous online tools and apps that can assist in charting your path. Some popular ones include:

  • Google Maps has a feature specifically for biking that considers bike paths and lanes in its directions.
  • Strava is a fitness app that not only tracks your cycling but also provides popular local cycling routes shared by its community.
  • Ride With GPS allows you to map and save your own routes and explore routes shared by other users.
  • Komoot offers detailed topographic information and allows you to plan multi-day trips with different sport types.

Consider Your eBike's Range

When planning, keep in mind your eBike's battery capacity. You don't want to get stranded with a depleted battery. Remember, factors such as terrain, rider weight, and level of assist can affect the actual range, so always assume you’re going to have a little less than you think.

Pack a Few Extras

Proper preparation can make a difference between a good day and a not-so-good one. Here are a few more things you might consider packing:

  • Water: Hydration is key, especially on a long journey. Always carry enough water for your trip.
  • Tire pump: A portable tire pump can save the day in case of a flat.
  • Tire repair kit: These will help you patch small punctures and stop leaks so that you can re-inflate your tires and get back on the road.
  • Your camera: An all-day eBike cruise is bound to serve up memorable moments. Bring along a camera or use your smartphone to document your journey, then share your adventure with others and inspire them to explore the world of eBiking!

Remember, the beauty of an all-day eBike cruise is not just the destination, but the journey itself. So, plan wisely, gear up, and soak up every moment.

Two Michael Blast eBikes parked on boardwalk during the day

Frequently Asked Questions about Long-Distance eBiking

How far can I travel on a fully charged eBike battery?

The range depends on several factors, including the battery size, rider's weight, terrain, and riding style. Most Michael Blast eBikes give you a range of around 50 kilometers or 32 miles on a single charge.

Can I ride my eBike in the rain?

Yes! Most eBikes (including ours) are designed to withstand normal rainy conditions. However, it's not advisable to leave your eBike out in the rain for prolonged periods or submerge it in water—especially if it’s got one of our gorgeous retro finishes!

Is it difficult to maintain an eBike?

Not at all—eBikes require similar maintenance to regular bicycles. You’ll want to perform regular checks on your brakes, screws, and tire pressure. Additionally, your battery and electrical components may need occasional attention.

What should I do if I get a flat tire during my ride?

You’ll want to make sure you carry that compact tire pump we mentioned earlier during your ride. It's also helpful to learn the basics of tire repair so you know what to do with that repair kit.

Now that you’re ready to hit the road, it’s time to make sure you have an eBike that’s up for the long haul. Check out the current Michael Blast lineup here—safe and stylish journeys await!


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