The Outsider 5.0: The Closest You Can Get to a Scrambler Motorcycle for Sale Under $3000

The Outsider 5.0: The Closest You Can Get to a Scrambler Motorcycle for Sale Under $3000


  • The Outsider 5.0 eBike from Michael Blast evokes the character and style of a scrambler motorcycle, featuring off-road capabilities, an upright riding position, minimalist design, durable construction, and beautiful vintage style.
  • Key scrambler features of the Outsider 5.0 include mini-fat tires, a high-quality EXSHO suspension fork, compact dimensions for maneuverability, and a TIG-welded A6061 aluminum frame.
  • The Outsider 5.0 is also equipped with a 750W Bafang electric hub motor and an upgradable lithium-ion battery, offering a standard 48V 20Ah battery with options for extended range.
  • To keep the Outsider 5.0 under $3000, Michael Blast used high-quality off-the-shelf components from brands like Bafang and Shimano, integrating these within a premium frame to balance cost, quality, and performance.

Before the dawn of the dual-sport, scrambler motorcycles were your best bet for a ride that could rip through the streets and then chew up a gravel road or dirt trail without breaking a sweat. And while you might not see as many new models these days, plenty of riders still love the vintage appeal of machines like the Yamaha SR500 or the BMW R100 RT.

But what’s an adrenaline junkie to do when those machines have been out of production for decades and modern scramblers by luxury moto brands like Ducati come with astronomical price tags? Try the scrambler-style Outsider 5.0 eBike from Michael Blast.

Man standing behind Outsider 5.0 eBike by Michael Blast

What Makes a Scrambler-Style eBike?

Making an eBike that evokes not just the look but also the character of a scrambler motorcycle is no simple task. You have to do more than copy a few sketches and throw in some chunky tires (although the Outsider does come with plenty of rubber).

A true scrambler—whether it’s a motorcycle or an electric bike—needs to meet some specific criteria. Here are the main requirements:

  • Off-Road Capabilities: Scramblers are designed for both on-road and off-road use (which means tough tires and plenty of suspension travel).
  • Upright Riding Position: This ensures comfort and better control over varied terrain.
  • Minimalist Design: Most scramblers have a stripped-down look with minimal bodywork.
  • High Exhaust Pipes: In motorcycles, these are positioned to avoid obstacles when riding off-road. Not an issue for our eBikes.
  • Durable Construction: Scramblers must be able to withstand rough terrain and conditions.
  • Vintage Aesthetics: Scrambler bikes usually incorporate retro or classic styling elements.
  • Knobby Tires: The rubber must provide adequate grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Simple and Versatile Frame: This allows for easier customization and service.

That’s quite a list of boxes to tick when you’re building a bike. Here’s how we did it for the newest version of the Outsider.

Key Scrambler Features in the Outsider 5.0

Mini fat tires visible on Outsider 5.0 eBike by Michael Blast

Mini-Fat Tires

You get two options for rubber with the Outsider 5.0:

  • Beige Spoked Wheels (20” x 5”)
  • Black Innova Mag Wheels (20” x 5”)

Both types are mini fat-tires with plenty of texture to help you grip riding surfaces—from pavement to dirt and gravel if you’re feeling adventurous.

Scrambler Boxes Checked: Off-Road Capabilities, Knobby Tires

EXSHO Suspension Fork

We chose high-quality aftermarket suspension forks from EXSHO for the Outsider 5.0 that offer plenty of travel and won’t bottom out when you’re hitting speed bumps or the occasional tree root.

Scrambler Boxes Checked: Off-Road Capabilities

Compact Dimensions

The Outsider 5.0 is a wolverine: fun-sized but fierce. Coming in at just 76 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 40 inches high (163 x 66 x 102 cm), you’ll keep most of the frame underneath you while riding—giving you a more upright position in the saddle and making it easier to throw the bike around in corners or tight maneuvers.

Scrambler Boxes Checked: Upright Riding Position, Minimalist Design

Tig-welded aluminum frame on Outsider 5.0 eBike by Michael Blast

Tig-Welded Aluminum Frame

That frame isn’t just a space-saver; it’s also tough as hell. That’s because it’s made from A6061 tig-welded aluminum—a material known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. It’s also more rigid than steel while still being flexible enough to absorb vibrations from riding surfaces.

Scrambler Boxes Checked: Minimalist Design, Durable Construction, Simple and Versatile Frame

Battery on top tube of Michael Blast Outsider 5.0 eBike

Upgradable Lithium-Ion Battery & Bafang Electric Hub Motor

No exhaust pipes to worry about when you buy a scrambler eBike like the Outsider 5.0 instead of a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine.

Still, it’s important to have power and range without the responsible components catching on the environment you ride through or getting in the way of your legs. To that end, we put the 750W Bafang electric motor that powers the Outsider 5.0 in the rear wheel hub, where it can directly move the wheel without interfering with the gears and chain.

Learn more about hub-drive vs. mid-drive eBike motors here.

We also integrated the battery for the Outsider 5.0 seamlessly onto the bike’s top tube—just like a motorcycle fuel tank. Not only that, but the Outsider’s battery can be upgraded to give you extra range:

  • Standard Battery: 48V 20Ah
  • Extended Range 1: 48V20Ah + 48V14Ah (+$500)
  • Extended Range 2: 48V20Ah + 48V20Ah (+$800)

Scrambler Boxes Checked: High (No) Exhaust Pipes, Minimalist Design, Simple and Versatile Frame

Rider in upright position on Michael Blast Outsider 5.0 eBike

Gorgeous Retro Styling

Finally, it’s important to make sure a scrambler has that je ne sais quoi associated with classic models from the golden age of motorcycling. Enter our unmistakably retro “tank” designs, which come in the following color schemes:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Grey
  • White
  • Yellow

Scrambler Boxes Checked: Vintage Aesthetics

How we Made the Outsider 5.0 Cost Less than $3000

All of the above sounds expensive, and the Outsider 5.0 certainly isn’t a cheap eBike by any means—but there are a few tricks we pulled to keep it as accessible as possible without impacting its build quality or performance.

  • We used high-quality off-the-shelf components by reputable brands like Bafang and Shimano instead of insisting on engineering every component in-house. Brands that make every single part of their bikes don’t necessarily guarantee better quality—but they do drive up costs. We’d rather give you a great product you can still afford.
  • We put our attention into pairing these components with next-level frame geometry so that every part is integrated into a strong, well-balanced package. This makes the final product a (Michael) blast to ride without blasting a hole in your bank account.

Buy Your Outsider 5.0 Today & Scramble Towards Adventure

All the fun of a scrambler motorcycle with none of the emissions, and for a fraction of the price? It sounded like a noble pursuit to us—and we’re pretty sure you’ll think it’s a great deal as well, once you get your feet on the pedals.

Buy Your Outsider 5.0 here or find a Michael Blast dealer near you to see one up close first. For more information, browse the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Michael Blast Outsider 5.0

How is the Outsider 5.0 different from the Outsider 4.0?

Here’s how the Outsider 5.0 and previous Outsider 4.0 scrambler eBikes compare:

Outsider 5.0

Outsider 4.0


750 watts standard

500 watts standard (750 watts optional)


25 Ah

20 Ah

Default Battery

20 Ah

14 Ah (17.5 Ah optional)

Battery Upgrades

Options for extended-range dual battery systems

Single battery


3 Ah

2 Ah


Tektro Auriga (high-end)

Star Union (basic)


Two-up seat

Single rider seat

Rack & Fenders

Rack and fenders standard

No rack, fenders optional


Dual mode display (eco/sport)

Single mode display


Larger frame

Smaller frame


Off-road capable tires

On-road tires

What is the range of the Outsider 5.0?

The Outsider 5.0 has a range of approximately 32 miles (50 km) with the standard battery on a full charge. Upgrading to the largest dual battery option effectively doubles this distance.

What kind of power delivery does the Outsider 5.0 have?

You can engage the 750W Bafang electric motor in the Outsider 5.0 in one of two ways:

  • A pedal-assist system that uses cadence sensors to control the motor’s output based on how fast you turn the pedals.
  • A thumb-throttle that allows you to deliver power to the rear wheel even without pedaling (more like riding a motorcycle).

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