5 Reasons to Buy a Dual Battery eBike

5 Reasons to Buy a Dual Battery eBike

To buy an eBike that serves your needs, you’ll need to think about more than just how it looks. Style matters—which is one reason why we work so hard to create electric bikes with a distinctive vintage appearance—but you’ll also want to consider your bike’s performance, and especially its range.

How far can you count on your eBike to take you on a full charge? Twice as far if you use a dual-battery model. Below, the Michael Blast team explains the advantages of these upgrades and why we’ve made them available for many of our best models.

 Rider on Michael Blast 5.0 vintage eBike with dual battery technology

Extended Range for Longer Rides

As we mentioned right off the bat, range is a primary concern for eBike riders—and it’s also the main advantage of investing in a dual-battery model. Having another battery integrated directly into the bike redefines the limits of your vehicle, allowing you to embark on longer journeys with fewer interruptions.

Essentially, dual-battery eBikes let you double the distance you can ride—traveling twice as far when both batteries have been filled to capacity. This makes all kinds of trips easier, including:

  • All-day leisure rides
  • Long cross-town commutes
  • Adventures into the challenging terrain of the backcountry

Redundancy & Reliability

While the Samsung lithium-ion batteries we use in our eBikes are reliable and designed to avoid failure, issues can still occur in emergency situations. However, the odds of two batteries failing at the same time in the same model are incredibly low—so buying a dual-battery eBike offers a reliable fail-safe in case one battery is damaged or defective.

Knowing you have an additional battery in case you need it can also provide you with additional peace of mind while riding. This is particular for daily commuters and those traveling in remote areas, where you need to be able to focus on the environment around you instead of worrying about your battery.

Michael Blast Outsider 5.0 eBike indoors with integrated dual batteries for better weight distribution

Integration & Balanced Weight Distribution

Carrying an extra battery on your person can be heavy and uncomfortable, especially on longer rides—and it can change the way you carry yourself while mounted in the saddle, affecting your maneuverability. While pedaling with a heavy backpack is okay for shorter rides, it can become exhausting over the span of hours.

Buying an eBike with an integrated dual battery ensures that you maintain optimal weight distribution during every ride—but it also stops you from needing to manually change batteries when the first one runs out. Instead, you’ll be able to seamlessly shift from using the empty battery to the fresh one when you need it, so that your ride isn’t disrupted.

Charger for Michael Blast eBikes

Faster Charge Times with Separate Charging

This is one of the areas where dual battery systems beat out extended-range batteries as well as standard ones. Having two separate batteries means you can charge them both at the same time—as long as you have two separate chargers (you can buy chargers and other parts for your Michael Blast eBike here).

This essentially means you can charge up twice as much juice in the same amount of time as someone with a standard eBike battery. If you’re pressed for time and have lots of ground to cover, having two batteries is ideal.

Better Resale Value

Last but not least is the fact that dual-battery eBikes are more valuable than options that only have a single standard battery available. That’s because riders want longer range and faster charging from their electric bikes—and they’ll pay more to get it.

That’s also why Michael Blast eBikes tend to hold their value well compared to a lot of other similarly priced brands. If you’re looking for value that lasts, consider a dual battery model—or at least a model that can be upgraded with a second battery or extended range option.

Getting More Mileage From Your Next eBike

From improving your eBike’s resale value to offering you longer journeys and better charging efficiency, dual battery systems provide significant benefits for eBike owners who want the absolute best experience from every ride.

Outsider 5.0 dual battery eBike with batteries integrated into frame design

Dual Battery Technology in the Outsider 5.0

The Michael Blast Outsider is a scrambler-style vintage eBike made for cruising city streets and gravel paths or light trails in equal measure. This versatile and undeniably retro ride offers the following battery options:

  • A 48V20Ah + 48V20Ah dual-battery option that effectively doubles the size of our standard eBike battery, giving you up to 100 miles of range when both batteries are full.
  • A 48V20Ah + 48V14Ah dual-battery option that gives you at least 65 miles (nearly 105 km) of range when both batteries are fully charged.
  • A 48V20Ah standard battery option that lasts 37-50 miles (60-80 km) on a single charge.

We also offer the following models with extended-range batteries, which provide additional range from a standalone battery unit:

  • Greaser Limited: A design that harkens back to that of the earliest board-tracker motorcycles—equipped with a 750W Bafang motor and a 48V14.5Ah standard battery, or a 48V20Ah extended option.
  • Greaser Classic: Like the Greaser Limited, but with a 500W motor instead of the 750W option. The battery options for this model are the same as the above.
  • Vacay Lo-Step: A step-thru cruiser-style electric bicycle equipped with a 48V14Ah standard battery or a 48V17.5Ah extended option.

Explore our entire range of vintage eBikes to find one capable of carrying you as far as you need to go on your next adventure. Then, visit a Michael Blast dealer near you to try a test ride and take your new eBike home.

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