Scrambler eBikes

Versatile frames with upright riding positions and retro flourishes—our scrambler ebikes offer the spirit of classic motorcycling in a modern ebike package.

Authentic Scrambler Style

Sleek, lightweight, and nimble.

Real-World Rider Aides

Bright headlights, padded saddles, and more.

Powerful Bafang Motor

Grunt to match those good looks

Scrambler Culture Reborn for the eBike Era

Our scrambler eBikes blend the rugged versatility of iconic 1960s and 70s scrambler motorcycles with the streamlined efficiency of city bikes. Broad tires, upright seating positions, and compact but robust frames echo the spirit of adventure and freedom first pioneered by classic European brands like Ducati and Triumph. Equally popular among urban riders and outdoor enthusiasts, these ebikes offer a modern twist on a vintage classic.

"I Love My New Outsider"

“Very satisfied—good quality and design!!! Looks like a motorbike from World War II. MB rules.”

- Baso A.

Authentic Scrambler Style

Stay on Top of Every Ride

With generous ground clearance, an upright riding position, and knobby tires that recreate the feeling of original scrambler motorcycles, these ebikes offer impressive versatility to match their unmistakable vibes.

Real-World Rider Aides

Comfort & Safety to Match Your Style

Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors give you plenty of stopping power, while a powerful large retro headlight gives you added visibility in low light conditions and velo extra-wide saddles help you stay comfortable on longer rides.

Powerful Bafang Motor

Brawn to Match the Beauty

A Bafang 750W or 500W geared brushless hub electric motor lets you turn on the juice when you need to put on a burst of speed in traffic or on the open road. These ebikes are proof that good looks and personality can coexist in the same package.

Can I Customize My Michael Blast Scrambler eBike?

Making your scrambler your own is essential for enjoying your experience—and while we put a lot of work into giving our ebikes the best stock components possible, we’d never deny you your right to tweak your new ride.

Find custom parts for your scrambler ebike here, including pannier racks, leather saddlebags, and more. And feel free to send us your photos once you soup up your scrambler—we’re always thrilled to see what our creative customers come up with!

Can I Take My Scrambler eBike Off-Roading?

Our scrambler ebikes come with thick 20” x 4” tires that are meant to keep you stable throughout a range of different riding conditions. These “semi-fat” tires should keep you from skidding on pebbles or gravel, making them appropriate for light trail riding—but they aren’t designed to go up and down mountains (and besides, we don’t recommend risking the gorgeous paint job on your ebike by putting it in contact with branches or brambles).

Our sister store, Surface604, sells ideal electric mountain bikes for going way off the beaten path. If you’re looking specifically for an all-terrain ebike, we suggest giving them a look.

Why Ride a Michael Blast eBike?

Our ebikes look and feel like nothing else on the market. We’ve worked tirelessly to engineer distinctive, eye-catching two-wheelers that honor classic motorcycle culture while offering a modern, eco-friendly riding experience.

When you’re looking for an ebike that embodies the same free-spirited style associated with history’s most iconic moto brands, Michael Blast has you covered.

Do Your Scrambler eBikes Come with a Warranty?

All of our ebikes come with a three-year frame warranty, plus a one-year or 800km (whichever comes first) replacement warranty on major parts. If a part has suffered a defect in the manufacturing process, we will replace it free of charge within one year of purchase.

You can easily order new parts for your Michael Blast ebike here. Please note that water damage, intentional misuse, and normal wear and tear are not covered under our warranties.

Do Your Scrambler eBikes Come Pre-Assembled?

Our scrambler ebikes ship with easy-to-follow assembly instructions so that you can get them ready to ride as quickly as possible. If you want to purchase a fully-assembled model, contact a dealer near you and purchase a product you can ride right onto the street.

Can I Test Ride Your Scrambler eBikes?

We love to see people trying out our ebikes, but test rides are typically scheduled at the discretion of our dealers. Find a dealer near you here and ask about the model you’re interested in.