Exploring the Technology Behind Michael Blast eBikes

Exploring the Technology Behind Michael Blast eBikes


  • Michael Blast offers vintage-styled eBikes equipped with high-quality components, featuring Bafang geared brushless hub electric motors and durable construction materials for reliability and low maintenance.
  • All eBikes in our collection use cadence sensors for pedal assist (allowing for easy coasting and a motorcycle-like feel) and come with high-quality Samsung lithium-ion batteries, with options available for extended range.
  • All models feature backlit LED displays showing essential ride information and are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for enhanced stopping power and safety, especially in urban environments.
  • The drivetrain in your eBike should make shifting easy. Our eBikes are equipped with Shimano rear derailleurs, offering lightweight, smooth rides with multiple gear options.
  • Michael Blast aims to balance aesthetics and performance while keeping the eBikes affordable. Find a dealer near you to explore our collection in person.

Michael Blast’s vintage eBikes are more than merely great-looking—although they certainly turn heads. But we know function matters just as much as form, which is why we’ve also engineered all of our models to use high-quality components that enhance each and every ride.

Below, we break down the key systems in any quality electric bike and explain our approach to each of them. Use what you learn here to make sure your next eBike is up to the standards you deserve.

Motor visible on Michael Blast Greaser eBike


A good eBike’s motor has to provide enough torque for the type of riding you’ll be doing, while offering enough durability and ease of maintenance to be practical and convenient.

All Michael Blast models come with a Bafang geared brushless hub electric motor that offers:

  • Either 500W or 750W of power, depending on the model.
  • Durable aluminum alloy for the outer casing.
  • High-quality stainless steel for the inner components.

Even 500W is a lot of power for a street-oriented eBike—producing over 59 lb-ft of torque in our Greaser boardtracker-style eBike and our scrambler-style Outsider. Just for the record, that’s more than you get in some motorcycles. And the motor’s placement on the rear wheel hub produces less strain on your drivetrain over time than with mid-drive motors, making this a powerful and lower-maintenance choice.

Riders using pedal assist on Michael Blast Vacay eBikes

Pedal Assist System

Pedal assist systems control how and when your motor produces power, based on the way you operate the pedals. Most systems use either cadence sensors (which adjust the motor’s output based on how fast you pedal) or torque sensors (which adjust it based on how hard you’re pedaling).

At Michael Blast, we’ve opted to use cadence sensors in our eBikes. This allows our models to feel less like bicycles and a bit more like the motorcycles that inspire our designs. Here’s why:

  • Pedaling quickly in low gear allows the motor to engage without requiring substantial effort.
  • This makes for easier coasting, which is often desirable while street riding.

Cadence sensors also tend to require less maintenance than torque sensors, allowing you to spend less time wrenching and more time riding.

Battery integrated into Michael Blast Outsider eBike frame


The battery is the heart of any electric bike—without it, your motor has no power and you might as well be riding a bicycle from the last century.

All Michael Blast eBikes use high-quality Samsung lithium-ion batteries. The standard size for these batteries is 48V, although models like the Outsider 5.0 scrambler eBike also come with two options for adding dual batteries that provide extended range:

  • Option 1: 48V14Ah (+$500)
  • Option 2: 48V20Ah (+$800)

The largest battery upgrade essentially doubles the eBike’s range, allowing you to spend twice as much time on your two-wheeled adventures before you need to recharge. And most of our models integrate the batteries seamlessly into the frame design, keeping them out of the way while mimicking the iconic appearance of a motorcycle fuel tank!

LED display on Michael Blast eBike

LCD Display

The display might not seem like the most important part of your eBike, but the information it provides is critical. All Micahel Blast eBikes come with backlit LCD displays that show you:

  • What gear you’re in
  • How much distance you’ve covered
  • How much of your battery is left
  • What time it is

These displays are designed to be easy to read without taking up too much space between the handlebars—preserving the streamlined look and feel of each model.


Stopping power is a critical consideration for any bike you’re thinking about buying—especially if you plan to ride it on city streets, where traffic and pedestrians can be unpredictable.

At Michael Blast, we use hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors in all of our designs. Hydraulic brakes are widely considered superior to standard mechanical disc brakes and outdated rim brakes because they offer:

  • More stopping power
  • Better performance in wet conditions
  • Less hand fatigue
  • Easier modulation
  • Less required maintenance

Our Vacay Hi Step and Vacay Lo Step commuter eBikes are designed to be ridden in everyday urban environments, so using high-quality brakes in the design was essential. But all of our eBikes use hydraulic brakes from reputable brands like Tektro and Taiwan Star.

Rider switching gears with rear derailleur on Michael Blast eBike


Every eBike also needs a convenient and reliable drivetrain so that you can switch gears intuitively. We’ve fitted every eBike in our lineup with rear derailleurs from Shimano, which is one of the best-known names in this space.

Derailleur-style drivetrains offer the following benefits to road-going bikes like the Michael Blast Soda. These include:

  • Lighter weight than other systems, which produces a smoother ride by reducing fatigue
  • More available gears—our models have Shimano Altus X 7-speed and 5-speed motor assist drivetrains.

Michael Blast’s Approach to Integrating eBike Technology

Our mission at Michael Blast is to offer eBikes with unparalleled aesthetics and reliable performance. Using high-quality off-the-shelf components in our frames allows us to walk that line while keeping the costs of our models accessible enough so that they can be enjoyed by as many riders as possible.

To find a Michael Blast eBike that will turn heads and deliver countless hours of enjoyment, find one of our dealers near you and try riding a few of the options mentioned above for yourself! You can also learn more about the parts in our eBikes by browsing the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Michael Blast eBike Parts

Where can I get parts for my Michael Blast eBike?

Right here! Buy parts for your Michael Blast eBike online, including comfort upgrades and replacement components like seats, panniers, hand throttles, and more.

What is the warranty on Michael Blast eBikes?

All Michael Blast eBikes come with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 3-year warranty on frames. To become eligible, register your bike with us after you buy it by using your serial number (located on the head tube or the packaging your bike came in).

Where can I find detailed specs and maintenance info about Michael Blast eBikes?

You can download the manual for your eBikes here. This includes assembly instructions, battery charging tips, instructions on how to adjust the pedal assist system, and more.

What should I do if the components in my Michael Blast eBike need service?

Take your bike to the nearest Michael Blast dealer. They’ll have professionals who can assess the work your bike needs and complete it properly so that you can continue to enjoy riding.


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