Choosing the Right Michael Blast eBike For Your Needs

Choosing the Right Michael Blast eBike For Your Needs


  • When buying an eBike, consider your fitness level to decide how much motor support you'll need. Michael Blast’s Vacay series provides hub- and mid-drive motor options with plenty of torque to give you a boost when accelerating or climbing hills.
  • For both frequent and long-distance riding, focus on durability and battery range. You’ll also want to choose a bike that can ride through inclement weather in a pinch, like Michael Blast’s Outsider or Greaser series.
  • Budget matters, but you don't have to compromise on essentials. The Soda is an economical eBike that still packs plenty of power, along with essential safety and comfort features.
  • Comfort and ease of maintenance are key for an enjoyable riding experience. All Michael Blast eBikes are comfortable and easy to service, but the Vacay Lo Step is ideal for comfortable, worry-free commuting.

Buying a new vehicle of any kind is a big decision, and it’s usually one that people make emotionally. Of course, trusting your gut is important—but how can you be sure that your feelings are justified?

When it comes to Michael Blast’s vintage eBikes, there are a few factors you should consider to find the perfect model for your needs. We’ll show you what features to look for depending on your priorities, and recommend a few models for you to try—so that you can be sure to get a new eBike that just feels right every time you ride it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an eBike

What’s Your Current Fitness Level?

Why it Matters: Your fitness level determines how much you’ll rely on your eBike’s motor. Pretty much every eBike allows you to ride with the motor turned off, which is the best way to get exercise—but not if long trips or steep hills in your area are preventing you from going out for rides at all! So as far as we’re concerned, eBike power is one of those things that’s better to have and not need than need and not have.

Key Features: If you’re looking for a bike with enough power to keep you going when you start to run out of steam, try to find one that offers:

  • Higher Torque: Essentially the motor’s ability to perform work on demand, providing the necessary power to accelerate and climb hills.
  • A Cadence Sensor System: High-quality cadence sensors direct the motor to supply more power when you pedal slower (like you would on steep inclines), reducing rider fatigue.
  • A Twist Throttle: If you ever run out of energy entirely, a twist throttle lets you rely entirely on the motor—essentially turning your eBike into a mini-electric motorcycle!

Recommended Rides:

The Michael Blast Vacay Series is ideal for riders who want reliable power without compromising on key comfort features. These stylish commuter eBikes offer 80-120 Nm of torque, giving them plenty of grunt—and they also have cadence sensors and twist throttles, so that you can get help from the motor when you need it or use it to replace pedaling completely.

The Vacay comes in a few different designs—all of them boast the same features and power specs, but you get the option of a step-thru (Lo Step) or step-over (Hi Step) frame, plus a choice of hub- or mid-drive motors.

Michael Blast Vacay Hi Step eBike on beach in front of surfboard

How Often Will You Ride?

Why it Matters: The more often you plan to ride your eBike, the more durable and robust it needs to be. Some eBikes are for turning heads as you cruise down the boulevard on weekends—but others are intended for serious everyday use and need to be more rugged.

Key Features: If you're planning to ride frequently, look for models with:

  • Strong Frame Geometry: Pay specific attention to where the seat is placed, and what material the forks are made from. CNC aluminum is a safe bet, since it’s specifically for high-stress applications and won’t be impacted by rougher rides.
  • Tough Tires: You want rubber that can withstand the road over long periods of use, so consider going with thick (or even fat) tires.
  • Low-Maintenance Features: Look for bash guards to protect your chain and internally routed cables.

Recommended Rides:

Our Outsider Series of café-racer-inspired eBikes looks incredible, but these aren’t just for show—they’re also meant to be seriously ridden. You can tell from the moto-style padded saddles that offer superior comfort, and the fat tire spoked wheels that keep you planted and grounded no matter how adventurous your riding style is. Aluminum bash guards, internally routed cables, and a CNC aluminum crown set front fork round out the offerings, making this an eBike you can count on for years of use.

Michael Blast Outsider eBike near train tracks

How Far Will You Ride?

Why it Matters: The longer you ride per trip, the more juice you’ll need.

Key Features: If you plan to cover long distances, go for eBikes with:

  • Long-Range Batteries: Look for batteries capable of carrying your eBike over 35 miles (56 kms) or so.
  • Fast-Charging Capabilities: Some eBikes take over half a day to charge, but that can eat up a lot of time if you’re a longer-distance rider. Look for a bike that can charge fully in just a few hours.

Recommended Rides:

All of our eBikes feature high-quality Samsung lithium-ion 48V batteries that deliver ranges of 37-50 miles (60-80 kms), and charge completely in just 4-5 hours. But if you’re also looking for a bike that will keep you comfortable on those longer trips, try the Greaser Series—which comes with a Velo extra-wide saddle and a dependable TIG-welded aluminum frame.

Michael Blast Greaser Springer eBike parked outside

What Weather Will You Ride In?

Why it Matters: Weather can wreak havoc on eBikes (and riders) that aren’t properly equipped. If you plan to ride through rain, mud, or snow, you’ll need a bike that’s up to the task.

Key Features: For rainy or snowy climates, consider eBikes with:

  • Water-Resistant Components: Rain is never great for eBikes, but you can buy models that will survive the occasional shower or splash. Look for the IP65 designation, which shows that motors, displays, and controllers can withstand dust and water.
  • Fat Tires: The more rubber you have on the road, the better your grip and stability will be. This is especially important if you’re riding in dirt, mud, or snow.

Recommended Rides:

The Greaser or Outsider series (see above) are both solid options for riding through wet weather. The Greaser is IP65 rated, meaning that the electronics and mechanical components won’t be ruined if you ride through light to moderate rain, and the Outsider’s thick tires give it purchase on otherwise slippery surfaces.

What Budget Are You Working With?

Why it Matters: They say “you get what you pay for”, and that’s generally true. We don’t make cheap eBikes at Michael Blast, but we do go out of our way to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

Key Features: Buying an economical eBike doesn’t mean you have to compromise on essential performance, safety, or comfort features. Prioritize:

  • Battery Life
  • Motor Power
  • Build Quality

Recommended Rides:

Our range offers multiple options to fit different budgets without compromising on the above, but the most affordable eBike we make is the Soda. This comfortable, user-friendly model still has the 48V lithium-ion battery and 500W Bafang electric motor you’ll find in every other bike we sell, plus a TIG-welded aluminum front fork. It might be easier on your wallet, but that doesn’t make it too soft for the street.

How Much Comfort Do You Need?

Why it Matters: Comfort makes every ride more enjoyable, but, especially when it comes to riding frequently or over long distances.

Key Features: Look for:

  • Padded Seats: The bigger the cushion, the longer you can enjoy pedal-pushin’. Look for plush or extra-wide saddles.
  • Cruiser-Style Bars: Swept-back bars prevent you from having to reach as far forward and let you maintain a more laid-back posture while riding.
  • Step-Thru Frames: Frames without a top tube are easier to mount, and can lower the bike’s center of gravity as well, giving you a more stable feeling as you ride.

Recommended Rides:

The Vacay Lo Step is ideal here—you get an easy-to-mount frame with bars that let you relax your back and arms, plus a Velo extra-wide saddle to keep you seated comfortably.

Michael Blast Vacay Lo Step eBike near surfboard on beach

How Comfortable Are You Servicing Your Bike?

Why it Matters: Some maintenance is inevitable, and your comfort level with DIY tasks will influence your choice.

See Also: Basic eBike Maintenance: What to Look At & When

Key Features: Buying an eBike with a robust customer service and warranty program means you’ll need to do less maintenance by yourself, and less often. All Michael Blast eBikes come with substantial warranty options and a network of service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Michael Blast eBike

Where can I get parts for my Michael Blast eBike?

Buying parts for your Michael Blast eBike is easy! We stock all kinds of upgrades and replacement components, from seats and panniers to hand throttles, fork converter kits, and more.

What is the warranty on Michael Blast eBikes?

We offer a 1-year warranty on all our bikes and a 3-year warranty on their frames. Use your serial number to register your bike with us online (find it on the head tube or the box your bike came in).

Where can I find detailed specs and maintenance info about Michael Blast eBikes?

Download the manuals for our eBikes here—you’ll find assembly instructions, battery charging tips, instructions on how to adjust the pedal assist system, and more.

Where can I find a Michael Blast dealership in my area?

Use our dealer locator to find available Michael Blast eBikes near you.

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