Looking at the Cafe Racer Bike & Motorcycle Subculture

Looking at the Cafe Racer Bike & Motorcycle Subculture


  • Cafe racer motorcycles and eBikes are gaining momentum due to their combination of vintage aesthetics and modern advancements.
  • Originating in post-World War II Britain, cafe racers were characterized by their minimalist design, speed, and agility. They were often used for quick rides from one cafe to another—hence the name.
  • Cafe racer culture was fueled by a desire for speed, aesthetics, and individual expression. It evolved around urban environments, making it more about road agility than off-road performance.
  • Today's cafe racer motorcycles and eBikes marry vintage design with cutting-edge technology, appealing to those who value style, performance, and a connection to motorcycle heritage.
  • Cafe racer eBikes like the Vacay series by Michael Blast fit the mold due to their versatility, performance, and stylish appeal. When choosing a cafe racer eBike, look for streamlined designs, high-quality components, sufficient power, and a balance between comfort and speed.

Looking at the Cafe Racer Bike & Motorcycle Subculture

The rise of cafe racer motorcycles dates back to post-World War II Britain—but today, this particular style of two-wheeled transportation is making a noteworthy mark in the eBike world as well. A blend of classic design elements, agile road performance, and an affinity for speed positions cafe racer eBikes as a perfect fit for urban riders who value both style and substance.

Here at Michael Blast, our mission is to create vintage electric bicycles that bring the best elements of motorcycle history to the modern world of eBikes. Join us as we show you the origins, evolution, and future of the cafe racer.

Cafe racer motorcycle from the side


A Brief History of the Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Cafe racers have been around for a long time, and their history is nothing short of storied—but here are the broad strokes so you can spend more time riding and less time studying up:


The Café to Café Dash

Cafe racers began appearing in the late 1950s and early 1960s in Britain. They were essentially standard road bikes modified for speed and handling over comfort, allowing riders to quickly travel from one cafe to another. Importantly, these lightweight, stripped-down bikes placed an emphasis on speed and agility rather than comfort (although that would change with subsequent iterations).

Cafe Racer Culture Evolves

The Need for Speed and Style

Cafe racer motorcycles quickly became associated with a subculture of riders who were fond of speed and devoted to the stylistic choices that supported it. The 'cafe racer' moniker came from their habit of hanging out in transport cafes, then racing each other between locations. This culture was also closely tied to music—particularly rock and roll—and the rebellious spirit it embodied at the time.

Falling Out of Favor & Coming Back in Style

Return of the Cafe Racer

By the 1970s, the cafe racer scene declined due to the rise of more powerful, mass-produced sport bikes—which would dominate much of the industry for the remainder of the 20th century. However, the new millennium has seen a resurgence of interest in cafe racers, thanks to their stylish aesthetics and a growing appreciation for vintage motorcycles.

Modern Day Cafe Racers

To the Coffee Shop—And Beyond!

While the original cafe racers were customized standard motorcycles, many motorcycle manufacturers are currently creating modern cafe racers that combine the minimalist, speedy characteristics of their predecessors with modern technology—right off the factory floor. These bikes continue to appeal to new and old riders alike who appreciate their blend of vintage style, individual expression, and urban performance.

Michael Blast Outsider cafe racer style eBike

 From a recent Outsider 4.0 review.

Cafe Racer eBikes: A Stylish Step Forward

Just as the cafe racer style has found its place in the motorcycle world, it is also becoming popular in the realm of eBikes. The modern rider's desire for highly-rideable, sleek-looking bikes with authentic personality is mirrored in the design of cafe racer eBikes like the Michael Blast Vacay series.

With their large retro headlights, extra-wide Velo saddles, and 3” whitewall Innova tires, these eBikes are a direct throwback to the classic days of cafe racers—plus, you can ride them on your local bike path! Throw in a powerful Bafang geared brushless motor and an aerodynamic frame, and you get a vintage eBike that’s as fun to ride as it is to look at.

Features to Look for in Your Cafe Racer eBike

When choosing a cafe racer eBike for yourself, make sure to prioritize the following features:

  • Streamlined Design: Cafe racer eBikes should maintain the minimalist, sleek design of their motorcycle counterparts. This often includes a single seat, low handlebars, and a slim, lightweight frame (TIG welded aluminum is a great choice).
  • Quality Components: Look for hydraulic disc brakes, sturdy tires, and a decently-sized battery to ensure safety, performance, and durability.
  • Sufficient Power: Cafe racer eBikes should offer a balance of speed and agility. A powerful motor (think 500W or so) can provide the speed needed for quick urban commutes.
  • Comfort Vs. Speed: While cafe racers are designed for speed and agility, comfort shouldn't be entirely overlooked, especially for longer rides. Find a balance that suits your specific needs and riding style.

Rider standing next to cafe racer style Michael Blast Outsider eBike


Embrace the Style and Spirit of Cafe Racers with an eBike

Cafe racer eBikes offer a unique blend of style, performance, and cultural history, making them a great choice for those seeking a different kind of two-wheel transportation. They capture the spirit of the original cafe racer subculture while embracing the modern features and practicality of modern eBike technology.

To learn more about our take on the cafe racer or get a personalized eBike recommendation based on your needs and riding preferences, contact Michael Blast. Our team will be happy to tell you all about the inspiration behind our newest models and set you up with everything you need to choose the perfect electric steed.

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