Michael Blast 26" Tire - Beige


InNova Tire 26-inch x 3.00

Fits Michael Blast Greaser, Springer, Vacay

ONE TIRE ONLY – no tube, no rim included

The InNova 26" is a quality tire for city mountain bikes and cruisers.

The InNova is more than a street tire for your beach cruiser bike. This versatile tire employs a high volume, smooth tread that rolls quickly on pavement without sacrificing traction.

InNova fat tire is made with leisure riders in mind, these tires have a commanding 3” width, so forget about worrying riding over grates or pot-hole.

With their big wheel base, you’ll take bumps and those grates road bikes are afraid of with ease. A great option for city streets or sandy beaches.

These aren’t those heavy, hard to control balloon tires you’ve seen around. These tires have a 36 PSI limit made to grip the road, unlike other big tires made for protection against thorns (which makes the tire a lot harder and heavier limiting control on the road).

26x3.0 Inch (70-559 ISO)

15-36 max. PSI

1.0-2.5 Bar, 100-250 KPa, 1670 g